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I was born in Guernsey (but now live in Brittany) and our main industry was growing tomatoes although that industry has now virtually disappeared. Growing tomatoes to a Guernseyman is like wine to a Frenchman, it's in our blood! I do not profess to be an expert, but I have picked up a few tips and techniques which work for me.

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Get more traffic to your French Gardeing Blog or Garden Suppliers website

As you may realise I also run French Classified and Property, an on-line advertising site for the whole of France. 
French Gardening  Blogs

I have added a new section for French Gardeing Blogs so any French Blog or Forum can be added to this directory in exchange for a adding our logo to your blog or forum.

Just add the logo, we can also make other sizes, then add a link to French Classified and Property to the main site or where you blog will be listed. Or just add a simple link from your blog to our Home Page

Just email us when you have added our logo to your blog and we will add you to the directory. Or register on the site and create your own advert for your blog, we do not charge for website link for blogs.

French Garden Suppliers

If you supply plants or garden equipment in France then you can have a FREE advert with a link to your website in exchange to a link back to our main landing page www.frenchclassifiedandproperty.com

Just register in the Business Directory then add you advert into one of the sub-sections in our Garden Category. You can add a link to your website if you supply a link or banner back to us from your own website.

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