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I was born in Guernsey (but now live in Brittany) and our main industry was growing tomatoes although that industry has now virtually disappeared. Growing tomatoes to a Guernseyman is like wine to a Frenchman, it's in our blood! I do not profess to be an expert, but I have picked up a few tips and techniques which work for me.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Meet Holly our new little Springer

As you might have previously read, we lost our little Springer Bramble just before Christmas, she was such  great company in the garden and would follow me everywhere.

We still miss Bramble daily but decided to get another Springer a few months ago when we heard about a new litter that had just been born. Six week ago we went to pick out 'Holly' and today we went to collect her.

Mrs TK has been buying toys every week in anticipation of Holly arriving at her new home, but we never knew that she already had a newspaper named after her. While shopping in our local Super-U we found the perfect little toy 'Holly News'. 

As you can see she is well settled in after a few hours in her new home and is already enjoying her new toys.  She had a total of nine brothers and sisters, so she might miss them for a few days, but she will have lots of cuddles from Mrs TK who also can't seem to stop taking pictures of her.

 I am sure Bramble is watching over her from above and would approve of our new little Holly.