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I was born in Guernsey (but now live in Brittany) and our main industry was growing tomatoes although that industry has now virtually disappeared. Growing tomatoes to a Guernseyman is like wine to a Frenchman, it's in our blood! I do not profess to be an expert, but I have picked up a few tips and techniques which work for me.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

First Aid for wilting Cucumber plants

I have had another wilting cucumber plant this year and I was about to remove it, as it really did look on it's last legs. I thought that I would just try to revive it as I managed to do last year. Although this year the plant looked far worse in the heat wave that we have just had.
This picture shows last years plant before treatment, which the first signs that it needs treatment as some of the leaves are just starting to wilt.

This year the plant looked so bad, that I did not even bother taking a photo at it's worst state. So it just shows that you should never give up on your wilting cucumber.

As you can see I lost a few of the bottom leaves, which I will now remove. The whole of the plant was wilting last week,but as you can see the top of the plant is now looking as though it is recovering. Thankfully the weather has cooled down a little. 

Cucumbers do have a really sensitive root system, and lack of oxygen  around them caused by the compost being too wet, can cause problems. As it has been so warm I have been giving them plenty of water, but maybe it was a little too much at times.

To try and revive your plant, just make a ball of fresh slightly moist compost around the base of the stem, keep the plant as cool as possible by misting it regularly, without getting the compost or soil too wet.
The ball of compost will encourage new root growth and as like last year I have managed to saved my plant, as it is looking far healthier this week.
It is also best to remove any largish cucumbers from the plant  while it is recovering.