Keeping frost off seedlings

Well, I cannot take credit for this idea, that goes to Bilbowaggins on her 'View Fom Bag End' blog. 

Her propagator is situated inside a mini greenhouse, within her own large greenhouse. On the coldest of nights she lights night lights to keep the frost at bay. What a brilliant idea for those of us with no room to keep all our seedling and young plants on a warm window cill. The plants are also getting plenty of light, so should not get so leggy.
It is also more convenient to open up the mini greenhouse for air circulation and extra light during the day.

Thanks again to Bilbo for letting me share this great idea. Which I am sure quite a few other people probably do. However, seeing most of my growing experience has come via commercial systems, where we always had the equipment to raise plants in near perfect conditions, I am constantly learning ideas that everyday growers have adapted to suit their own pocket and conditions.
The wonderful thing about growing, is that daily you tend to learn something new.


  1. Bilbo (my friend!) is full of good ideas. I would say that though, wouldn't I?

  2. Well I have had 2 years of tomato crops being destroyed by this black mould stuff that has hit so many people in the UK. I have not given up though and this year I am going to use a growbag greenhouse ( see greenhouses ) situated within our conservatory. Everything that I used for last years tom's has now been scrapped and thrown out in the hope that this desease does not come back - what solutions have others come up with ?

  3. Hi CarBasics, did you mean blight?


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