Look after my toms Mrs TK

Well  I hope all my tomatoes are being well looked after by Mrs TK, as I am over in Guernsey on business this week.  She has been given all the instructions about watering and ventilation, so fingers crossed all should be well for my return on Sunday.
She has already sorted my welcome back meal, which so I was informed will be a seafood salad, with lashings of crisp, cool white wine, lets hope its a sunny evening so we can eat outside.
Its so funny to be posting without Mrs TK looking over my shoulder to correct my spelling and rammer, oops grammer, so I feel rather nervous as I post this from my hotel room.

But not as nervous as she was on her first visit to Guernsey on the little 15 seater Aurigny trilanders that fly from France to Guernsey daily. I fly back and forth about once a month and the windy winter flight can be more exciting than  the big dipper. In fact poor Mrs TK was shaking for about an hour after stepping of the plane a few months ago, after a rather windy flight!

But as you can see, the views are fantastic. 

See you Sunday darling, I hope you read this before  I am back.


PS, this post will be correctly edited on Sunday.


  1. I'm sure she'll look after your babe's brilliantly. Sounds like a lovely welcome-home meal!

  2. PS - would just like to edit my OWN comment -and remove the apostrophe from babes!


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