Mr TK building his polytunnel

On a wet Saturday morning, I thought I that would put a few video clips and photos together to make a little video of when I built my polytunnel.
Please forgive the quality as it was filmed on Mrs TK's digital camera, but pull up a chair, pour a glass of wine and lets let the camera roll.
Video- Mr TK builds a polytunnel  watch it on You Tube.

If you do not fancy building your own tunnel, First Tunnels in the UK have a really good range at exellent prices. (Please note we do not have any affiliaton with this company)


  1. That's a substantial structure! Good job you had Bramble to help!

  2. I need one of those and great taste in music too!

  3. Actually VH, just like on telly it looks smaller in real life. bramble as you have seen is never far from my side, bless her.

    Anonymous, glad you liked the music, it was going to be Bob the builder though LOL.

  4. hi, i am going to build my own poltunnel also, where did you source the clear plastic sheeting .
    nice job ,by the way.


  5. Hi Darren

    I got it online in France, there are many places in the UK that supply tunnels or plastic, go for the strongest. Mine has really stood up well to the sun and the snow and frost.
    Send me a picture to post of the finished article. One think I would say is that I would make mine a little higher in future, as I grow my crop across the path wires and the plants touch the roof a little.

  6. Hi STeve, when you were talking about a polytunnel, I did not think you meant a barn! It is excellent! My I could have some fun in there...

    1. Hi Carole
      It's perfect, but I would build a bigger one next time!
      I might do a net sided one for winter veg etc as we do have the space with 7 acres, I am sure the horses can spare a bit of land.


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