Tying up your tomato plants

Ooops this post got reposted.
OK, this may seem a simple operation to you experienced growers, but I have seen many pictures of plants slightly strangulated by using a slip knot as opposed to a none slip knot. I do hope you can follow the instructions in the video, and according to Mrs TK, I have a funny Guernsey accent and talk too fast. Oh and yesterday I also treated myself to some new gardening shoes!


  1. Your accent was no problem - I have to decipher West Cumbrian dialect every day and believe me, compared to that, you're crystal clear.

    Now, if only knots were as easy ....

  2. Well I was in the Boy Scouts!

  3. Yep, all perfectly clear - thank you! Great idea, I'm using cane supports but this method looks far more flexible.


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