Video of de-leafing and training tomato plants over the path

I find the best way to explain some of my techniques is by a video, so I have just made another one which explains de-leafing and training the plants over the path. Some people will stop their plants at the crop wire but I like to use the 'Guernsey arch system' for a longer crop.
You do need to have your plants well spaced to use this system as the plants cross over each other from opposite sides of the path. Having plants well spaced also gives bigger fruit and helps prevent diseases by giving better air circulation.


  1. Hi Steve, just discovered your mountain of info on tomatoes,no doubt I will be coming back here often to get your up to date advice. We've had more favourable weather for tomatoes here this year,so far. Great videos, thanks

  2. Hi CGF, glad you like the blog, I do try to update it regularly. The videos are a bit of fun, but hopefully informative as well.


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