Bramble's been framed!

OK, Bramble will be framed when I get around to it, but for now she is proudly hanging on the wall, unframed.
As a special surprise for Mrs TK, I had a local artist, Lesley, paint a portrait of Bramble for her for  Christmas.
It was a few months of cloak and dagger e-mails to keep it a big secret, and fortunately Lesley offered to deliver the picture on Christmas Eve.
Mrs TK couldn't understand why I had made some mulled wine, which I had promised to Lesley, with some hot mince pies of course. 
The joy on Mrs TK's face when she opened the package was priceless, I think I even spotted a few tears, and Lesley was so relieved that we both loved the painting, apparently she had been worrying since she had finished it.
The picture was copied from a photo that I had  emailed her, so if you are thinking of a similar surprise for your loved one, why not see if Lesley will oblige. Here is a link to her web site, her cards and cartoons are quite well known in horsey circles, which you can order on-line from her website shortly. 

If you read Mrs TK's blog she has hinted about a painting of her girls for her Birthday, so it looks as though I might have to get my paints and brushes out, as I  have always been good at painting by numbers!



  1. That's a lovely picture of Bramble. You will treasure it for years. I had an artist do one of Buddy (see my linked dogblog). Happy New Year!

  2. Nice touch, proves you are an old softie, and a great picture.


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