Box Hedging Border

Mrs TK has been on to me for a while about the unsightly fencing around one of our vegetable plots. I tend to use what I can scavenge from around our property and some cord, this sometimes keeps Bramble from running across the beds and slightly deters the chickens. However, as you can see it is not very sightly.

We had taken a few cuttings from some box hedging, which I thought in the long term would be more aesthetic. I decided to build a raised border to plant them on and cover with some 'bache', weed deterrent material. I intend to do this on the four sides of the bed. 


With the 'bache' tightly secured, I planted our little cuttings at 12" apart, that had  little root systems so should take OK in the soil. Bramble was on hand to make sure the row was straight.

Bramble now knows which side of the hedging that she should be, she is quite an obedient little Springer and will tend to use the paths even if I have just put a string across the sides of the border. It will take a while for the hedging to fill out but once mature, I am sure it will look far neater. 

The next job will be to replace the tape that keeps the horses off the lawn with some fencing at the end of the little orchard that we are creating, even though they have a few hectares of land for them to graze on, they are still tempted to munch on the lawn if I do not electrify the tape.


  1. Hi Steve, here is The Sunshine Award for you


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