The Sunshine Award

This week I was very surprised to be awarded The Sunshine Award from Jacqui of  The French Village Diaries  

Jacqui and her husband Adrian have lived in a small village in France since 2004 and are avid gardeners, growing much of their own food. They also have ducks, chickens, a rabbit and even a goose, so are really living 'the good life' in France

The Sunshine Award is a lovely orange flower that bloggers give to other loggers who "positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere".

So without further ado, here are the rules:

Thank the person (or people) who gave this award and write a post about it.
Answer the questions on your favourites below.
Pass on the award to 10 fabulous bloggers' link to their blogs, and let them know you've awarded them.

Here are my favourites:

Favourite Colour –Tomato red of course!
Favourite Animal –Bramble our faithful Springer Spaniel, but I had better mention our two horses, Dill and Anna, the chickens and the 4 stray cats that we feed.
Favourite Number – 21 as I was born on the 21st August, mind you it has not brought me any luck!
Favourite Drink –Red wine, closely followed by a nice cooling G&T, oh and I mustn't forget the whiskey!
Facebook or Twitter –  Twitter. seems to be better for business.  Facebook, I just need a few more followers.
Your Passion – Growing tomatoes and Mrs TK of course.
Giving or getting presents – I like to 'give' to put a smile on someone's face.
Favourite Day – Every Sunday as I get away form the PC and into the garden - sometimes!
Favourite Flowers – The little yellow ones that turn into tomatoes.

The Ten Bloggers I would like to pass this award on to are:

1. Chateau Moorhen - 'Pond Life Wild Life Good Life ... and a bit of French Life.'  In fantastic surroundings and someone who knows her gardening, a wonderful property and gardens.

2.A very Grand Pressigny -The story of two people, a poodle, and their little holiday home in France. - One of the first French blogs that I visited, with some of the most interesting posts. A very popular blog, something to aspire to. 

3. Prunings from the Vines- Andy is someone that I would like to share a pint with, as he has so many interesting stories to tell. Now retired in France, Andy's blog not only features his garden, but classic cars, mechanical machinery and lots of men's stuff!

4. Shed Working -  No man can be without a shed, so this is a very indulgent blog about sheds. Not just any old sheds, but office sheds, rooftop sheds, in fact all types of sheds that you could work from.

5. The Linear Legume - I found this informative blog via the 'Grow your Own' Forum. Zazen is a organic growing guru. Another blog full of great information about growing.

6. Mrs Pickles Garden - Mrs P as I like to call her, lives in rural Saskatchewan with her wonderful hubby and her crazy pets. She loves her garden. She is an archaeologist by schooling, a service rep by trade and an avid gardener, crafter, sewer, quilter and "chef" by passion.

7. Tomato Addict - How could I not feature another tomato addict. This one is from the States with plenty of tomato porn on his site! Tomato Addict is also about to launch his own seed site.

8. The Dobby's Pumpkin Patch -  Sue and Lee's Vegetable Allotment pages, detailing all that we've been doing on our allotments, from clearing the 8' tall weeds that they were covered in when we started with our first plot in October 2006, through to where we are today, with 2 neighbouring full-sized productive organic vegetable growing plots, 2 apiaries and 6 Beehives!!

9. Suburban Gardeness - A blog about diy, gardening and enjoying the harvest through cooking and preserving. Another really interesting US blog with some wonderful photos of some very healthy looking crops.

10.  Galloping Gourmets - Last but not least, Mr's TK's blog featuring her lovely mouthwatering recipes and our garden. Of course, you will see our horses Dill and Anna featured, plus the odd fantastic French property for sale which is the professional side of her life.

Well that's it folks, my top ten blogs, although I do have many more that I browse. This took quite a bit of time to put together for a two fingered typist, but I am sure you will get many more visitors if you take the time to do it yourself. Even though many of us post on our blogs to keep a personal record, it is still rewarding to get visitors and comments. The Sunshine Award is a great way to share some of your own favourite blogs with the rest of us and to reward your favourite bloggers.  


  1. Steve you are a darling and I wish when I'd been given a Sunshine Award about a month ago I'd passed it on to you. Of the 9 people I gave it to, only 6 bothered to say thanks and none of them have joined in and passed it on to anyone else :-( But anyway, I really appreciate it so thank you very much! *hugs*

  2. Hi Steve, thank you so much for my award. You are most kind and I feel very flattered. And congratulations to yourself too - well deserved I must say - how could I ever forget your little videos.......?!!

    I'm off to do a tour of the other blogs you mention, Andy's being the only one I'm familiar with so far. Oh and Galloping Gourmets of course - wonderful recipes from Mrs TK.

    So thanks again, I'll put on the old thinking cap as to how to pass on the award. Thanks again, I really do appreciate it.

  3. Thanks for your kind comments Ladies, it is a little work so I can slightly understand why everyone will not participate, but I was glad to highlight a few blogs that I felt deserved an award.
    Keep up the great posts.

    Steve XX

  4. Congrats on getting the award! And thank you for awarding it to me. That was very kind and it brought a little sunshine my way :)

  5. Hi Steve! Not only are you a great novelist, but an expert gardener too. I'm glad I've discovered this other website of yours since I know I shall get a lot of helpful hint from it. This is our first season with a polytunnel so we're really starting to be serious gardeners at last! We've got a lot of tomatoes in it, so I've come to the right place.

  6. Hi Mrs P you are a well deserved winner, hope you are feeling a lot better. x

    Steph, you are so kind. I am very much a novice writer, I have far more experience growing tomato's though, so maybe I should link the two!


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