2014 Season in the Poly-tunnel

Like most of you I have been hibernating over the winter with all this wind and rain that we have had, not the best sort of weather to even venture out into the garden. 

Mud, mud, glorious mud.
Ready for the season

The past few days have given us a taster of what's to come, well here in Brittany at least, I had almost forgotten what the sun looked like. This sunny weather has spurned me into clearing out the poly-tunnel and spraying it with Jeyes fluid, hopefully this will kill and bugs that have over wintered inside. 

Last year, I was foxed by the weather and planted some garden centre raised plants in late February only to have them all die with an early March frost. Unfortunately poly-tunnels are the worst for winter protection as the temperature is the same inside our outside of the poly-tunnel. Glass structures will give slightly better frost protection and will hold the heat better if you have a little paraffin heater to keep the frost off.

Next week I think I will risk buying some early tomato plants and sow tomatoes and other crops. In the meanwhile I will plant a few lettuce in the poly-tunnel as I have a few seedlings ready to go in.

Happy Birthday Holly

Holly was one year old on the 1st of March and is as lively as ever. She is banned from the veg garden and poly-tunnel as she just runs around like a whirlwind, but hopefully she will settle down an be my work companion like Bramble our last springer was.