Guard your tomato plants from Jack Frost

Just as I thought it was safe to plant out my nursery raised tomato plants in the poly-tunnel, then Jack Frost decided to make an appearance. The downside of a poly-tunnel is that it does not offer frost protection so the only way to try and protect your crops is with fleece or a small cheap paraffin burner, which I am on the look out for as it is worth burning a little paraffin for a few night to save your crop.

As a rule of thumb at this time of the year, a night without cloud cover could result in a frosty morning, usually if there are clouds about you could be lucky and not have frost. Well that's my theory,which seems to work for me when early night temperatures are around 5 degrees.  

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Those of you with glasshouses might just survive the frost slightly better as these structures do tend to remain very slightly warmer than a poly-tunnel. You could also line your greenhouse walls with bubble wrap, this will offer extra protection, but you will loose a little light but well worth the compromise. 

Frost protection with fleece
A little fleece goes a long way, I managed to just about cover all the plants in my poly-tunnel last night for 10 euros, so well worth it. So make sure you indoor crops are protected, tomatoes really cannot take any frost, they will die instantly as I found out last year at my own expense. The fleece might not protect against a heavy frost but fingers crossed it will save my plants from the light frosts we have been having here in Brittany.

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