Cucamelon Plants - A cross between a melon and a cucumber!

Dobies seed merchants have a special offer at the moment on Cucamelon plants

Try growing these fantastically fun little fruits yourself with our Easter Special Offer! Cucamelons are tiny, grape sized melons with a refreshing taste of cucumber and lime. Use them just like cucumbers – perfect for salads, stir-fries and pickles, or why not explore their cocktail enhancing prowess and give your Martini a delicious new twist!
 Don’t miss your chance to claim two free cucamelon plants and get started on your very own Homegrown Revolution today. These tiny watermelon lookalikes have a refreshing burst of flavour and bags of personality. Plus, their lush vines will produce masses of fruit throughout the summer. Cucamelons are so easy to grow.

Try them in pots, grow bags or plant them outdoors straight into the ground. TV Botanist James Wong is on a mission to inspire a whole new generation of grow-your-own enthusiasts. His exciting new Homegrown Revolution range is bursting with exotic fruits, spices, roots and veggies that you can grow with ease on your patio, balcony, in your garden, or veg  patch.

As  they might have trouble shipping the actual plants to France I will be ordering some seeds and will let you know how I get on with them. I have noticed that the price of some seeds in France are getting quite expensive, so I ordered a few more packets of seeds from Dobies some at just £1.99 and was only charged £1.99 for delivery to France. The problem is that I do tend to by packets of seeds on a whim and maybe if I were better organised then I should order them from Dobies in one large order.