Where our global blog hits come from on our tomato growing blog

 I wonder if this is a reflection on the populatity of tomato growning in differnt countries. Todate we have had a total of 615,044 hits which is quite amazing for a simple blog mainly about tomato growing.
United States 249K. United Kingdom 121K. Russia 34.3K. Canada 23.7K. France 20K.
Australia 15.5 K. Ukraine 10.1K. Germany 7.48K. Ireland 5.73K. India 5.24K.
New Zealand 4.48K. Guernsey 3.08K. Unknown Region 2.3K Poland 1.51K .
China. 1.4K. Netherlands 1.29K. Lithuania 1.05K. Spain 1K. Turkey 759. Other 106K.


Search keywords
Entry                                        Pageviews
tomato leaves curling               1394
tomato leaf curl                        1276
comfrey                                      708
big tractors                                 203
tomato cages                              199
tomato leaves curling up            187
steve mcqueen                            152
tomato diseases                           130
homemade tomato cages            106


It seems tomato leaf curling is one of the biggest concerns gardeners have when growing tomatoes, but if you read my comments on here about leaf curling on tomatoes it is the least thing to worry about and nothing you can really do about it. There are many opinions on it on the web, but as it does not really affect the crop, then I never ever have concerns. I did have a posr about Steve Mcqeen having cancer caused by asbestos called mesothelioma, so that answers that query.

Here is my post about tomato leaf curling.

Lets bust a few myths about tomato leaf curl 

leaf curling