First feed for tomatoes

Just re-posting this as a reminder.

I had planted my first tomatoes in the greenhouse a few weeks ago and noticed  that the lower leaves were going off colour, so a few days ago I gave them their first feed and already I have seen a difference.

You can see the yellowing of the lower leaf and the patching on the other leaves on the first picture. The second picture shows a far healthier plant under a week later, far bushier and greener. Obviously, the plant did need time to settle in after being planted, but the feed did make a difference as well.
It has been very warm during the past week in the greenhouse, so I lightly spray the toms with water a few times a day to keep them cooler while they are making a better root system. As you can see there is no sign of scorch, which a lot of people worry about. However, I would rather risk a little scorch to keep my plants under less strain.


  1. I think plants fairly rapidly use up the resources of the compost they are in - I've given a few of mine a weak feed this week. I think scorch is more likely to happen to a stressed plant. Yours look ready for off!

  2. Wow VH, you have read my mind again.I was only thinking that today.I pointed out my plants to Mrs TK after I had sprayed them to keep them cool, and said 'look no scorch'.
    Roots soon fill a tiny pot as well, so there is little reserve.

  3. I'm so glad I found your blog! I suffer from 'Lycopersimania' !! I've put a link in to my blog. Will give my seedlings a bit of a feed today!

  4. Hi Matron welcome to my blog. I have added yours to mine, it looks very interesting.
    MR TK


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