First ripe tomatoes 2010

Well, finally, after a few weeks of good hot weather I have my first ripe tomatoes.
I realy wanted to get picking as my plants are so full of fruit and the heads are looking a little thin. I have been feeding them a few times a week, trying to keep them in peak condition. I have also hosed them down a few times a day on really hot days, as this helps keep up the humidity to aid the new setting fruit.
The leaves are nice and dark, so they are not showing any signs of deficencies.

It tasted delicious in a sandwich of home made bread with a few slices of home grown cucumber

I have tried growing a few of my spare, later sown plants outside, so have taken a few pictures to compare them to the late polytunnel ones.
So first the polytunnel ones. Luckily the fruit has set on the first bunch, which will help stabilise the plant.

These  are ones that I put in large pots and kept in slight shade, but away from the wind and rain a little, outside my shed. As you can see the first trusses are not that well advanced, and the plants are quite leggy for the amount of trusses and fruit. I have moved them to a slightly sunnier position, but will move them back as soon as rain and wind is forecast. But it goes to show the difference light and heat has on plants, even though it got to about 35 degrees in the polytunnel, the plants in there are doing better.
I also have some in the soil in the garden, exposed to all the elements, and it will be good to compare. I am a little worried they might get blight eventually, and this could spread to my polytunnel tomatoes. So when there is a lot of damp weather I will spray them with a bordeaux mix.