What a fine pair of melons!

Well that got you attention!
With all the very hot days that we have been having, my melons have really come on well. They do need lots of heat to get a decent crop. If I try not to be too greedy, I should restrict this plant below to three melons, or they will stop swelling and turn yellow too early if there are too many on the plant.

This is what happens if you have too many on one plant, as you can see they have turned yellow so have to be removed. The trouble is that when you have 10 nice little melons on your plant, it takes a lot of courage to snip some off, but in the long run it is for the best. As you can also see, I always grow them  on shoots, and leave a couple of extra leaves on.

End of July and my first juicy melon 


  1. Ooooh you are awful! (But I like you!)

  2. I bet matron will be along soon!

  3. Gabrielle had seen some melon plants on sale a a local market when buying pepper plants and has since regretted not buying one. She was told each plant needs a square metre of space and she ended up with just such a gap when all her other plants were installed ... doh!
    Yours look great and we shall definitely try some next year. She has had great success with the grape vine that lives in our polytunnel and has done exactly what you suggested in terms of being really brave at removing excess bunches and leaves. The vine's energy is now going into fruit production and they look bigger each day.

  4. I would have been proud of that post heading! A lovely pair indeed! So far this has been a Summer that melons will enjoy. I wish now I had decided to try growing okra again.

  5. They are swelling daily! Matron.


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