20 Inch Cucumber

I have been away for a few days and things  are certainly moving on in the polytunnel. I have just picked my longest cucumber of the season so far and at 20 inches, it certainly is impressive.
I have already picked 21 cucumbers off of plant number 1, which is the one I am growing the cue's on the shoots. So nearly half way to my target of 50 for this plant.
Take a look at Mrs TK's blog Galloping Gourmets to see what she does with all the tasty cucumbers that we get.

The tomato plants have now reached past the crop wire, so I am training them on a string over the path to the other side. Quite a few tomatoes have been picked off the plants and the heads are just starting to thicken a little, which is what I was hoping for.

My pair of melons are swelling wonderfully, so should be ready to harvest very soon, and there are plenty of others on the plant, so as we have had such a  hot summer it has been really good for the melon plants.

The Oka is still growing well amongst the outdoor tomatoes, so fingers crossed I will get my first harvest. I have never tasted them before, so it will be interesting to see what they are like.


  1. Lovely cucumber number you got there! Almost as big as the one my hubby grew, 23" long!

  2. Well thats sounds like a challenge Mrs D!

  3. Wow! that's a whopper cucumber, and a lovely pair of melons too! Matron is having a field day with this post. My cucumbers are cropping well at the moment too, but not quite as big.

  4. Its all about the variety Matron. They are Telepathy F1 and grow 15" to 20", but looks like I have to grow a longer one to beat Mr Dobby's whopper!

  5. hi steve, been told that a tomatoe called CIRISE is a good one to grow can you advise. geoffo

  6. Hi Geoffo.

    I have never heard of them and could not find them in a search. Do you know what seed company?
    Maybe one of my followers will know of them.


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