Bramble's new look

As some followers of my blog might have noticed, Bramble our loyal 12 year old English Springer Spaniel always manages to get herself in the pictures or videos on my blog. She will happily follow me around all day no matter what I am doing, always waiting for me to throw something for her to fetch. The trouble is that she loves rolling in the horses straw bedding and gets covered in dirt when digging out mole holes. So, today we decided that she needed a treat at the beauty parlor to help her stay a little cleaner. As you can see in my previous post, she did need a good trim up, so here she is looking 5 years younger with her new look.

Sooty and her new kittens were impressed

So were the three French hens!


  1. Doesn't she look smart? Takes years off her!

  2. Hope she feels good about her new coiffure, she does look very smart.

    Whenever I clipped out Ollie's coat he used to bounce around in a way we interpreted as "look at me, I look fabulous, I feel great"! accompanied by much barking and excitement.

  3. Would love a picture of Bramble in my forthcoming Matron's Dogblog. Would you like to send a photo? entries by 29th September.

  4. Where do i send it to Matron!


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