Winter Heating

No, not the Polytunnel the house!

I have been cutting down as many trees as time allows this summer, as the winters here in Brittany can be a tad cold and we heat our house, mainly with a wood burner.
Logs need to dry out for a couple of year so they burn at a slower rate and give off more heat, so all my trees cut down this year will be of no use, so it was time to get 2 cords of mature logs delivered, which cost 380 euros delivered. With my new log burner installed this load will probably last me the winter, with a bit of luck, and then I will have a stack of my own logs for the following years.

As you can see, Bramble and I stacked them neatly and covered them to keep the rain off.

As for my tomatoes, which this blog is really about, well the blight has been kept at bay with my one spray of Bordeaux mix, and they are slowly still growing nicely over the paths. The nights are getting slightly colder, so I am now closing the polytunnel doors on dry nights.


  1. A nice pile! Let's hope you don't discover they are all 1" too long to fit in your stove :-)

  2. Well luckily they are all pre-cut to 50cm, which is a bit of a standard size over here.
    Mind you, if they were too big I could always leave the door open and feed it in as it burns, lol.

  3. Ahh.. I see you have a Bramble! would you like to submit a photo for my forthcoming dogblog?

  4. Bramble is going for a trim up next week, so I am sure we will have a nice picture to post of her then. Mind you she loves rolling in the horses hay, so she is not going to stay tidy for long!


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