Sniffer Dog!

So what do you do when a mystery parcel arrives in the post, addressed to  Mr Tomato King?
The first thing is to get Inspector Clueless on the case, aka Bramble the sniffer dog.

Bramble soon realised that it was my prize for being MOM on Grow Your Own Forum, if there are any edible goodies inside, I will soon have it open, she thought to herself. 

Sorry Bramble nothing edible, but two large illustrated gardening books, 10 packets of seeds with a magazine, and a garden planners sun compass, and also a kitchen garden planter.
Now for the unusual bits, they must have known about me and cling film, the two just do not go together, so I  now have my very own Baco easy-cut cling film dispenser. The last item had me foxed, until I realised what the 24 clothes pegs were  to be used for in the garden, and of course it's to hang out the washing to dry in the polytunnel. Unless anyone else out there knows another use for them in the garden?  

On  a serious note, can I again thank you lovely people on GYO for making myself and Mrs TK so welcome on the forum, and also to whoever thought I was worthy of being MOM.



  1. Congratulations on becoming a mum (or have I got things wrong again?)

    All the best


    P.S. Does your dog sniff out Cepes?

    And, if so, is she available for rent?

  2. Keith, Bramble is not the best dog for sniffing out Cepes, now a Bonio on the other hand!

  3. Congrats again - we ALL think you're worth it (I'm starting to sound like a beauty products ad!)

  4. What a brave dog, putting himself in the front line, putting his life at risk to check out that parcel and make sure it is safe! Congrats!

  5. She has always be like that Matron, especially when we come home with bags of shopping!


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