Mini Greenhouse for seedlings

Only last week I was talking about a mini greenhouse for my seedlings, when low and behold the weekly publicite was delivered and La Fair Fouille had some on offer at 19.99 euros each. To be honest, I thought they would be smaller than in the picture, but was pleasantly surprised when I put them together. So I am all set for a place to house my seedlings for next year's bumper crops. They should just keep the frost off inside the polytunnel.
Bramble celebrated her 11th Birthday today, so she is sitting there guarding her presents. Well the big bone has virtually disappeared, but I am sure she will be pestering me all day to throw her new rope toy for her.  


  1. Hope you have the little "tea light" candles as well {smile}

  2. PS: Happy Birthday to Bramble :}>

  3. I think the tea lights might set fire to them. LOL.

    Bramble says thanks, she had a lovely day.

  4. Happy birthday to Bramble !!

    We got one of these before we had a greenhouse. Disaster struck one February night when a strong wind blew it over, depositing a bucketful of mixed seed compost in a heap as all the little seed trays were tipped out. We screwed it to the wall after that.

    The plastic cover ripped and was eventually discarded but the shelf unit by itself is very useful to put trays of plants for hardening off before they go into the ground. Ours was £20 from Homebase and a real bargain.

  5. Well mine will be used to keep the frost off when the seedlings are in the polytunnel, so should not get blown away, well unless the whole polytunnel does, but touch wood it has survived two winters.
    Bramble is lying comfortably in front of the log fire tonight, not that its that cold, but you know what dogs are like Jean!

  6. Spaniels, don't ya just love 'em! Nice post Steve. Those mini greenhouses are terrific value! Didn't realise you had this site, looks good.

  7. Thanks Andy, so you can see why I havent had time to sort the solex out yet.
    Mind you I do have a sort of proper job which luckily I only have to do flying visits to run.

  8. I put a remote temperature sensor in the wheeled greenhouse that I built, and can monitor the temperature from my house. Before any plants were put in this year the door was kept shut and on one sunny cold day it reached 110 F (43 C) inside, so I know that I can't leave the door shut unless absolutely sure that it will be an overcast day. It's better to leave them some ventilation than take a chance on burning the plants up. An automatic temperature activated door opener would be nice, if it worked.


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