The New Chicken Shelter

It's time to move the chicken hut to fresh ground, so we thought that we would make them a new shelter before we move the hut, as we do get a fair bit of rain in the winter here in Brittany.
The girls went off for a stroll around the garden, while Bramble and I built the frame.


After the frame was built with the scrap wood that we managed to find, we covered it in plastic which was left over from when we covered the greenhouse.

Next we covered it so that it would blend in better with the garden, and covered the sides with some branches to keep the wind out. Again, we used anything handy that we could find.

The girls came over to check out their new shelter, and they seemed happy with it. Next week, Bramble and I will move their hut next to the new shelter. I am sure that we will find something to plant where their old hut was sited, all that chicken manure can't go to waste! 

The garlic that we planted just last week is already up, mind you it has been very mild. We have had some beautiful autumn days, still t-shirt weather when working in the garden.

So, as my blog is really about tomatoes I had better give them a mention. I cut off the heads and took most of the leaves off this week. The poly tunnel gets very humid at night so there is a lot of botrytis mould appearing on the plants, and it is not worth letting them grow any more, although we will still be picking fruit for at least a month. Most of the tomatoes are still healthy and firm, so we will just pick as and when we need them, although Mrs TK has been making quite a bit of lovely tomato soup lately.


  1. It must be the mild Autumn here in France.

  2. You have great post, I also have many chickens

  3. Hi John
    You cannot beat a fresh egg for breakfast, nice web site by the way.


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