Vive La Boulangerie!

The local village boulangerie, as well as supplying gorgeous bread and cakes, is also a bit of a meeting place for villagers to catch up on the local gossip, so one thing you must not be when you are in there, is in a hurry.
Just patiently wait your turn, and tune into the gossip, which is easier said than done for me, with my very limited French. Luckily, Mrs TK can follow every word, and is able to converse correctly, unlike my nods and grunts, with a smattering of the odd 'bonjour' or 'bonne journee'.  

Of course, the 'iced cakes'  makes the trek in the snow well worth while, and not forgetting the nice crisp warm baguette!

Whilst on our walk, we spotted a couple of  dogs having fun in the snow, the normal French dog sport of chasing cars had been abandonded, due to the actual lack of cars passing, so these two had decided to chase pedestrians instead, well OK stand there and bark! The big dog was a bit bolder and came up to us for a good sniff as well, with his little back up hiding behind him. Mind you, I can see why the smaller dog had a problem in the deep snow, chasing us!

Bramble on the other hand, had found the drinks cabinet while we were out and had helped herself to a whiskey, then settled down in the warmest place in the house.

Mrs TK looks quite well after our long trek, she would have prefered to have taken the horses of course, but seeing that they had not been out for a few days, I  thought it might be a tad safer on foot.


  1. Your whisky drinking Spaniel made me laugh out loud Steve, brilliant! Tilly is the same, taking pole position in front of the stove. Great post.

  2. She's on the Pastis today to keep warm. So I thought it would be rude not to join her in sinking the odd one or two. I know she hates drinking on her own!

  3. Our boulangerie in LGP shimmers like an oasis in the desert once the daylight disappears. As the saying goes, "I can resist everything except temptation and a cake from the boulangerie".

    BTW, your floor tiles in front of the stove look exactly the same as ours. And it's good to see Bramble rightfully occupying the best place in the house !!

  4. I think there must have been a job lot of floor tiles many years back, as most houses we seem to visit though Mrs TK's job seem to have some like ours in at least one of the rooms.
    Bramble has been glued to the TV tonight waiting for the selotape advert with the squeaky toy, to come back on.

  5. I like to give the budgie a sniff of the cork in this weather, and it would be rude not to join him! We had an overnight temperature of -11.4 last night. You need a bit of fuel in this weather!

  6. All our snow has gone, and we are over zero again at night now, so i really pity you in the UK, VG.


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