Spring is just around the corner

Just a little update as I have been extremely busy with my new web sites, and they do pay the bills, well they help!

The seeds that I had sown a while ago did mostly all emerge, but I really need somewhere light and warm to grow them on. Next year, I might be more organised, but for this year I will re-sow next month, and I am sure the new seedling will overtake my tiny ones that are sat out in the cold conservatory. 

I have managed to dig out a lot of soil in the rows in my polytunnel and re-filled them with some well rotted manure and top soil, I have left the worms to do their job until I am ready to plant out. The winter lettuce which had survived the frost, makes nice treats for the chickens, as they lose their flavour after being in the soil so long, so we have not bothered eating them ourselves. 

It is a good idea to refresh the soil every few years to help prevent diseases. The problem of growing in peat bags or pots, is the watering in the summer, so I do prefer growing in the soil if I can. I will eventually make up some long troughs filled with peat and compost to grow in, to give the soil a complete rest for a few year.

I managed to get some garlic planted before Christmas, and despite a few coverings of snow and frost, they are looking very healthy. We are still eating last year's harvest, but they were planted a little late so were a little small. Let's hope this year brings a bumper crop.

We did have a lovely sunny day last Sunday, so it was our first real start on sorting the garden out, although the daffodils are in flower, so things are looking a little brighter.
Well that's all for now, as I must get  back to some real work, but as they say 'enjoy your gardening'.