May 2011 in the Poly-tunnel

I have laid down the seep-hose, so watering will be less time consuming and more even. Tomato plants do prefer a little and often, so an irrigation system really helps, especially if you are growing in pots or peat bags.
I have put a few plants into large pots that I will move outside later. Somewhere protected from the rain and wind, but with plenty of light.

My early tomatoes are looking strong and healthy, I have strung them up and they are getting fed a few times a week. The aim is a nice dark compact  plant.

You can already see the difference in growth between the ones that I planted a few weeks' ago and the spare ones left in a pot. I could have transplanted into a larger pot, but I will be putting my spare plants outside soon, so I did not bother.

As I presumed the plant in the upside down planter has been seeking the light and bending up, so I have put a little piece of wire in to keep the head away from the bottom of the planter. As you can see it has not grown a great deal, but I am sure it will still produce a small crop.

I bought a few nice healthy peppers and melons this weekend, as the plants that I have raised myself from seed are still a little small. The melon I put in a sunken bottom-less pot as I did with the cucumbers, as they have quite tender stems, so it should help them from damping off.

I have found that Marigolds are the best thing to keep white fly away, so I always plant a few in the poly-tunnel, there are plenty of them coming up in the garden now, so I will transplant a few into the poly-tunnel this week.


  1. I always plant marigolds in amongst my tomatoes - couldn't remember why, so now I know and if you do it too, it must be right!
    ps did a count up of potted on tomato seedlings waiting to go out - 75 !!!!!!

  2. Hi Jacqui
    I had no problems with whitefly last year, the previous year I have plenty whitefly but no marigolds!

  3. Thanks for your comment NP.
    I wouldn't mind one of your large tunnels one day, I do not think I could manage a bigger on than I built myself.


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