A Taste of The Channel Islands

As a proud Guernsey-man,  I love to promote my Island, but promoting the 'other' Island is another matter. However as Guernsey got a great mention in the video, I will make an exception.
'What video?' you might ask. Well it is the one that I bought for Mrs TK on my last trip to Guernsey,  which   coincided with her Birthday a few days'  later. 
I was in the departure lounge looking for a few extra gifts. Having purchased her favourite summer perfume and of course even more chocolate,  I came across a cookery video. Now Mrs TK has more cook books than a mobile library, but not too many cookery videos, so it was added to the basket of gifts.

Shaun Rankin  is a Michelin stared chef, and hails from Yorkshire, but has made his home in Jersey, and runs a fabulous restaurant there, so I thought it might be quite a good video, even though he is based in the other island! So today, on a rainy afternoon, we decided to watch it, which I thought would pass half an hour. Little did I know that it was six, twenty five minute programs, but everyone of them had us hooked. OK, so some of it was filmed in Guernsey and the other Channel Islands, but with all recipes cooked with fresh Channel Island  produce from lobster to Jersey Royals, it was a mouthwatering extravaganza. In fact, half way through we had to even pour out a glass of wine each, as you do. 

Little did I know that a little video would cost me so much, as Mrs TK now wants a weekend trip to Jersey staying in The Club Hotel and Spa which houses the restaurant that Shaun runs called the Bohemia. However, as the saying goes 'the lady is worth it.'

The Video can be purchased here at Channel TV , who produced the very high quality video.