First Tomatoes for 2011

Finally,  I was able to pick a tomato off each of my three Beefsteak tomato plants. The plant heads have been very thin for quite a while, despite me giving them a high nitrogen feed. I even cut off one of the top trusses to give them a hand. Now that the fruit is ripening, I am sure that the stems will thicken up naturally anyway.
The variety is Marmande, which I find are very easy to grow, producing a good early crop. 

Some Beefsteak varieties do produce Cristate tomatoes, which you can see a good example of here on Down on the Allotment blog. Basically, you get triple flowers that produce funny shaped tomatoes, which are still just as edible so do not worry about them, I always leave them to mature.


The Coeur de Boeuf is an excellent stuffing tomato. Unlike ordinary tomatoes, the Coeur de Boeuf is ready for eating while the skin is still green, as this tomato ripens from the inside out. A delicious, flavoursome Coeur de Boeuf is the ideal partner for mozzarella and other soft cheeses. These unique and beautiful tomatoes are a perfect culinary addition.
Mine are maturing nicely, but I do not think I will attempt to eat them just yet.

My Marigolds seem to be doing the trick and keeping the white fly off of the tomatoes. There were quite a few on some of the lower leaves on the tomato plants, which I have now trimmed off. This will also help air circulation and get my fruit to ripen a little earlier. I have also planted some basil in between the tomato plants, as this also  helps to prevent white fly.
I have also noticed the first of my cherry tomatoes starting to turn colour, so Mrs TK will be happy as that is her favourite type.