Entertaining the house guests

I was  lucky enough to have some house guests this week to help harvest the bumper tomato crop that I am  having this year. So, in addition to my normal helper, Bramble, I enlisted young  Ethan and his sister Emilie to help with the tomato picking.

Luckily, we also had Kieran on hand  to help carry the produce to the house, and Mrs TK will have a busy few days making her wonderful tomato sauces for pasta and soups.

It is easy to take for granted the lifestyle that you can have here in Brittany, but having a couple of lively children around certainly bring it home that despite being far away from city life, there is always plenty to keep us busy and amused.

The children were always excited first thing in the morning to go and help feed the horses and they both had a bareback ride around the paddock. Ethan was slightly shocked at first that eggs came out of the chickens' bums! But it didn't stop him tucking in to nice fresh eggs for breakfast that he had collected. 
Harvesting fresh herbs, French beans, strawberries, grapes, beetroot and many other fresh garden products, were also a novelty for the children and not once did I hear the word 'bored' mentioned.
They even had a ride on 'Le Petit Train' but they did have to jump out and give it a push up the steep part of the field.

Sunday we had a lovely day's outing to Lake Guerledan followed by lunch at out favourite restaurant in that area. Le Jardins de L'Abbaye at Bon-Repos Saint Gelven. 

As I write this our guests are on their way back to the ferry, the house is eerily quiet, Bramble is sulking because she has lost her new  play mates, the horses are happily munching in the fields and we are looking forward to a relaxing evening to re-charge our batteries.  

For more about life in France watch this tonight.

House Hunt France ITV 1


  1. Am I being paranoid in thinking that the only reason that your guests had to push "Le Petit Train" is that you've taken the engine out to put in your Velosolex in a cheaty way of giving you some chance of being faster than me (when I get a sooper-hot-rod, souped up Velosolex myself?)

    All the best


    P.S. Regarding Go-Faster stripes on Velosolexes; do they work or not?

  2. OK Keith you were on the right track as it were, but in fact it was the lawn mower engine that now sits in the Velosolex. I have also added a turbo charger from the washing machine, and of course all real men know that Go-Faster stripes work on any machine. In fact I even have them on my running shoes.

  3. I think I over did the tomato plants this year Mrs P.
    It looks like you have had a great harvest this year.

  4. Leo has been picking my tomatoes! He helps himself to the ripe ones straight from the vine. Does Bramble do the same?

  5. No Matron Bramble is far better trained, she picks all the ripe strawberries instead!


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