Tomato Blight

Well its that time of year again, the dreaded blight is rearing its ugly head. Outdoor plants will be affected  first and usually it is spread from potatoes. So always plant potatoes as far away from tomatoes as possible. In fact I have given up growing potatoes as I do have a large poly-tunnel full of tomatoes and one year I virtually lost the whole crop.

I had a few tomato plants in an old small greenhouse, with a few panes missing, so the plants did get a bit wet when it rained. The plants were also a bush type so had a a lot less air circulation around them. Yesterday I found the first signs of blight, so I picked all the fruit off and removed and burnt all the plants. Luckily I still have my poly-tunnel full of healthy plants and I will give them a preventative spray with a Bordeaux mix. 

Read my blight section to see some pictures to help spot the early signs of blight and more about blight and its prevention.