Gain some extra Autumn light

As the light levels lower, it is a good idea to get as much light as you can into the glasshouse or poly-tunnel at this time of the year. I have not nipped all the heads out of my tomato plants as I want some of them to produce for as long as possible. However, I have noticed that the plants are getting a bit thin and leggy, a sure sign of lack of light, so I decided to give the poly-tunnel a clean up as the plastic was covered in algae. I was amazed at how much difference it made. I was glad of the shade in the heat of the summer, but it is a totally different scenario now. 

Under the arches of tomatoes, I have a nice crop of peppers and chillies growing, which could also do with the extra light. Apart from a bit of caterpillar attack they are looking very healthy. Mrs TK will be busy soon making some of her very tasty sweet chilli sauce and cheese stuffed jalapeno chillies.

We have found out this year that the best place to grow a fantastic crop of basil is in the poly-tunnel. We seem to hit or miss with our basil grown in the raised beds, but as you can see it thrives in with the tomatoes.