A small leek, little grapes and a pair of melons

This is the third year for our grapes, which started out as tiny plants from a nursery and although they look full of fruit, it has not really swollen as much as we would have liked.

I know I should have thinned out the bunches,  also I probably should have had less of them for the age of the plant. However, they still taste lovely and Bramble and I are also having a feed on them while we are out in the garden. Any advice would be most welcome, from you grape experts out there. 

It seems to be my year for growing  miniature crops. My very first leeks grown from  tiny plants that we had bought have grown quite well, but not to the size of some that I have seen on other blogs. Maybe my soil is a little heavy as it was where the old chicken run was, but I will add plenty of well rotted compost over the winter to this plot. 

I might have dug this one up a bit early, but we have plenty to use up over the winter, so I hope they keep swelling.

This year has also not been the best for our melons, but to be fair to them the poly-tunnel was a little overcrowded with tomatoes. However, I did just manage to raise a couple of tasty melons, which went down well sprinkled with port and ginger.


  1. There is nothing in the world like the sweet taste of perfectly ripe, home grown melons! What a lovely pair! xx

  2. I couldn't have put it better Matron they were delicious.

  3. I am a disaster when it comes to leeks - I would have been over the moon to get one looking as good as yours!

  4. Thanks Jacqui
    They are all still growing so I suppose not bad for a first attempt.


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