Isle of Wight Garlic Festival

It is now time to plant my garlic, although I know some of you will have already done this. Last year was my very first garlic crop and this year we had a far better crop, although I did not have time to try garlic plating again.

Just remember when planting your garlic that they should be just below the soil, unlike onions, but a better place than here for advice might be  The Garlic Shop on the Isle of Wight.

The Isle of Wight also has a Garlic Festival every August and there you can sample garlic beer and ice cream, along with many other garlic delights. If you would like to attend the Garlic festival next year I would keep an 'eye' on this new website Island Eye which will have news on the festival and lots more valuable info about the Isle of Wight.

Should anyone have attended this years show, it would be great to have some feed back and a few pictures, email me if you do, of have any garlic growing tips.


  1. I kept putting off my garlic planting and then it

  2. I saw you had snow, I thought it was last years photos at first. We are still in shorts and t-shirts, Not.

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