A Touch More Frost

We have had a very mild winter so far here in Brittany, but this morning it was minus five, which will kill off a few bugs and diseases.

The herb wheel has a few survivors in it, but the raised beds are looking pretty bare.

The neighbours had to come and have a nose as I was taking some photos, they seem happy enough.
It is such a glorious clear morning, but let's hope the snow stays away. 

Anna and Dill have not been stabled all winter as they have been fine in the field shelter. But this morning they are due to be re-shod so they have breakfast inside while waiting for the farrier. It looks like they might have to have a few nights in the stable this week if the cold continues. But I keep telling Mrs TK that they are just animals!

I am sure there is a little tidying up that I could be doing in the garden, but it is a lot cosier sitting in front of the wood burner attempting to start 'Vantastic Encore' the sequel  to Vantastic France, which I am relieved to say has already sold quite well in the first week.


  1. I'm happy to see your temps can reach the minus side too.. :) Nothing better than cuddling up in front of a nice fire on a chilly day

  2. Always nice to hear from other people living in Brittany - it's been great to have a bit of frosty weather at last... where abouts in Brittany are you both? thanks for visiting my blog... bon courage... Miranda

  3. Hi Miranda
    We are near Loudeac,hidden away in a little village with plenty of land for the horses and to garden, but work pressures for both of us have put pay to a little more landscaping.
    Mrs TK has been very busy selling house and I am trying to get the second novel written, as well as trying to run my website. I am sure you would understand very well.
    But we both love it here, and would not be any where else.

    I like to look at you blog to see how I should be doing it in the garden.


  4. Its back up to 10 degrees today Mrs P, t-shirt weather again!

  5. A covering of snow here. What a beautiful Apaloosa!


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