Surviving Frost Damage

You might remember that the courgette plants that I had planted out too early in the garden, which then suffered from quite a bit of frost damage. I decided to give them a bit of TLC in the poly-tunnel as they were looking rather sorry for themselves.

In just a few weeks they had completely changed, so as we should be now clear of frost I planted then back in the garden.

I think being indoors might have spurned on the flowers, so I already have some little courgettes.

They are even competing with my indoor cucumbers, which have also put on a growth spurt with the warmer weather and plenty of tomato feed.

Spring has been a little later this year, but everything in the garden has finally started to move on a little. It is a wonderful time of the year for growing, so get outside and make the most of it. 


  1. glad to see they made a come back!

  2. I've had some severe frost damage in past years but they do seem to make a comeback in time. You are weeks ahead of us here in London.

  3. I think they are quite hardy plants and the crown of the plant is always slightly protected.

    Just a few degree's makes a big difference Matron and when we do get sun it is quite warm, but back to rain and wind this week. I think I could do with another big poly-tunnel to grow more crops indoors.


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