June Harvest

At this time of the year it is all or nothing, so Mrs TK will be busy trying to find new ways of using or storing the June harvest. So here are some links to her blog with a few of the ways that she uses all these lovely fresh products.

Last night she froze strawberries dipped in chocolate, something she had seen on yet another cookery programme. Fitz is going to wait for the chocolate covered one.  You can find all Mrs TK's strawberry Strawberry Recipes here

The cucumber plants will soon be producing  more than enough for salads, so again Mrs TK has had to find ways of using them up. Here is a link to some of her ways of using them and the CUCUMBER TZATZIKI is one of my favourites.
 Tomatoes of course are our biggest harvest, so again she has found many ways of using them up and here are some of here tomato recipes


 Peppers are lovely in a salad and we also loved them stuffed and baked in the oven. Asparagus has to be served with salmon of course, the perfect combination with a hollandaise sauce.

Salade de Delice  is one of my favourite summer dishes, so of course we need plenty of crisp lettuce. A few juicy red currants can also be scattered over this wonderful salad. Click on the link to see what you are missing.

 Broccoli spears are another of our favourite greens, but the chickens will never be eaten while they produce daily fresh eggs. Actually they will never be eaten even after they stop laying eggs, they will have a cosy retirement before they go to that chicken hutch in the sky! 




  1. Wow quite surprised to see your redcurrants colouring up so soon. I've noticed a tinge of colour on mine and also the blackcurrants but not that advanced. I presume they are out in the open? I do have strawbs galore and lettuce but apart from having just harvested the first pea pods and very soon mange tout, errr not a lot. My cucumbers have one leaf!!! Off to check out those recipes.....

  2. The red currants are in a sheltered corner so that is why they are early I think. I hope you found some mouth watering recipes on Mrs TK's blog.

    1. I've been thinking about making Eton Mess for years so I think I will finally go ahead and do it! The link for the salad didn't work though - I just got a blank page with just the background colour scheme :-/

    2. I have tried changing the link, put the page seems to scroll down, just scroll back up. It's well worth looking at, yummy.

    3. So I finally made Eton Mess yesterday! The meringue was a bit chewy but I like it like that and my one year past its sell by date UHT Creme pour professionel was still OK and whipped up! Would be better with proper cream of course but beggars in France can't be choosers! Think I might try Eton Mess with Greek yoghurt but it'll have to be with raspberries next time. :-)

  3. wow everything is looking great!!! Off to check out Mrs.TK's blog now!

  4. Your cucumber leaves look so green and healthy. Mine are yellowish and mottled with brown spots! I think it is some sort of defficiency. All yours look so healthy....sigh...

  5. Carol

    Cucumbers are very difficult to water correctly, they have a delicate root system. A little water and often is best for them instead of a lot at one time.
    If mine start to look a little weak I tent to put some compost around the base of the plant to encourage new roots. There are post about this in the cucumber section. To be honest I do usually loose one cucumber plant a year, so I always have at least three plants.


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