Tomato Help Page

The tomato help page is slowly growing so I will soon need different sections.

I could add more help pages, or help posts as this is simple and you do not need to join like you would if I added a small forum.

I have tried a demo forum and I could integrate on into the site, but you would have to sign up to post or answer questions. The good side of a forum it that I could add other crops and you experts out there could help others.

Of course most answers can be found on the web somewhere, you just have to sometimes decide which advice is correct.

A forum would be a little more work to start with, but I am still answering questions on here anyway, so in the long term not a lot more work.

My blog is growing daily I get between 500 and 600 page hits daily, but many people just land here by googling photos.

So what are your thoughts on a forum, or are there enough out there! comments very welcome.

I have now added a little poll at the top of the site, but your comments are still most welcome here.