Tomato Training

My tomato plants are now past the tie wires, so it is time to train them over the paths.
I simply run a string across the path between two tie wires to twist the plant around. This will support the crop later and help stop the heads touching the roof of the poly-tunnel on the rows closest to the sides.

Later in the season I will remove a few of the leaves that are growing downwards to give me a little clearance to walk under. In hindsight I would have built my poly-tunnel a little higher.

This little diagram gives you a better idea. you just have to train the plants opposite each other on either side of the path to grow towards each other. This is also why you need your plants spaced at least 18" apart it you are going to have a long cropping season.

I also had a couple of visitors while I was working in the poly-tunnel. Dill and Anna were in the top paddock asking for their tea, which usually is an apple and few carrots. I think Dill was also after a few tomatoes to compliment her tea. 


  1. wow your plants are just taking off!

  2. Doing extremely well for so early in the season! Well done.

  3. The dreaded blight has started with all this damp weather, so it's not all plain sailing. I have it under control, will do a post later in the week.

  4. I had some sungold tomatoes in the greenhouse right up till November / December last year by growing the cordons right up along the roof of the greenhouse!

  5. Well I hope mine will to this year Matron, if I can keep the blight at bay.


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