Gardeners are blamed for spreading blight

 An interesting article that I found via Brittany - Normandy Forum  about the spread of Potato Blight, it shows that we can all do our bit to help stop the spread of this serious disease. As advised burn all effected leaves and plants, I also tend to grow potatoes well away from tomatoes, as it usually starts on your potato crop first.
I also have a section with posts about Blight HERE

'Allotment holders who fail to deal with blight-ridden potato plants have been blamed for spreading the fungal infection to farmers' fields.
If it is not detected, blight can destroy crops and the spores can quickly spread 30 miles or more in the wind.
Tackle it the right way and it can be controlled, but the Potato Council says some home and allotment growers are failing to spot the signs in time.'

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