2016 Growing Season

After a 12 months break from the polytunnel I feel well enough to rejuvenate it. I  have decided to make it a little easier to manage, so. I have laid a membrane on the floor, to surpress weeds and added a trickle irrigation system, which cost me just 10€ in a shop clearance sale.
This takes me back to my commercial days in the tomato growing industy when we changed from growing in the soil to peat bags and covered the soil with white plastic.. I am growing most of my plants still in the soil, as it has rested a year and I have dug in plenty of compost. I could not find growbags for sale in France, so as the large bags of comost were just over 2€ I am trying some cucmbers in the uptured compost bags.

Here are a few photos, taken recently of my crop.