Training Tomato plants over the path.

The dreaded blight has confined itself to my outdoor tomatoes only, so my one preventative spray of Bordeaux mix seems to have done the trick. But to be fair, the weather has changed and it has been dry. I also stripped most of the leaves off of my outdoor tomatoes and any plants with blight on the stems were burnt straight away. 
So unlike last season when I had quite a bad infestation of blight in the polytunnel,  I could not train the plants over the path to get an extended crop.  
If your plants are still healthy in the polytunnel there is no reason why you cannot continue your crop well into the autumn. The only problem is space, as they cannot continue growing upwards. So now is the time to use the Guernsey Arch System, well almost as I am not sure my plants will  get to over 20 ft long.

As soon as your plant reaches the top of the crop wire, run a string over the path to the next row. You will also need an extra support wire running down the path, which is why I like a wooden structure as it is easy to hang wires from the roof.

This is how they will look after a few weeks. This is my narrow path, normally it is a bit wider. I usually trim off the leaves that are hanging down so will give you a bit more room. 

 As you can, see I still have a lot of fruit on the plants, so I am giving a high nitrogen feed to encourage plant growth as opposed to fruit production.